I originally hail from Vancouver, Canada, and now proudly call Connecticut my home. Family is the most important thing in the world to me, which is probably why I write, photograph, and talk about my three children incessantly! But it's also what drives my passion in photography. Of course I love taking still life pictures, but to me no magic can compare to capturing that special spark between couples and families who love one another. As a photographer, I feel incredibly blessed when people let me into their homes and events to share intimate and special moments with me, and even more blessed that I have the photos to prove it! In a sense, this feeling that our most special moments are made even more special by sharing them with others is what also drives me as a writer. I write about my ups and down, desires and fears, in the hope that sharing my experiences will bring us all closer together.


My photographs have appeared on websites and in newspapers, on bookshelves and on walls. I have taken photographs on four different continents and across the decades, but there is always a constant: a moment in time when the essence of a person, place, or thing is captured for all eternity. Because moments are priceless, and they deserve to last forever.


My goal as an author is to share a different perspective on issues, bring humor & honesty to otherwise dark places, and tell stories of good times and blah -- all the while hoping that with grace & humility I can help you & me become better people.

I have written for over a dozen websites, mostly concerning pregnancy & parenting, but also covering a wide range of other stories and issues. In addition, I have contributed a recipe to a vegan cookbook & a story for a forthcoming anthology, and I am busy working on my first book. Please connect with me on Twitter & Facebook to stay tuned!

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