About Me

I originally hail from Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Los Angeles as soon as I could afford the one way ticket. In the span of a five year period, I moved to New York, met my husband, traveled all over the map, moved five more times, and gave birth to a boy and twin girls, Along the way, I also gave up my job in Corporate America to be my own boss.

Besides being a photographer and author, I am also an entrepreneur, infographic designer, public speaking storyteller, occasional guest on the local news, and probably a few other things I've forgotten. 

As much as I love my professional passions and pastimes, my priorities are clear: family comes first. And with three kids, it also comes second, third, and fourth!.


In a world that seems ever more fast-paced, it is becoming harder and harder to live in the moment. And while we all take pictures with our smartphones and update our statuses instantaneously, something is still missing. Maybe you're behind the camera and never get into the frame, or your photos aren't doing your memories justice, or taking a pic is upsetting the very moment itself. Whatever the case may be, It's time to hire a professional.

My photographs have appeared on websites and in newspapers, on bookshelves and on walls. I have taken photographs on four different continents and across the decades, yet there is always a constant: a moment in time when the essence of a person, place, or thing is captured for all eternity. Moments are priceless, and they deserve to last forever.


My goal as an author is to share a different perspective on issues, bring humor & honesty to otherwise dark places, and tell stories of good times and blah -- all the while hoping that with grace & humility I can help us become better people.

I have written for over a dozen websites, mostly concerning pregnancy & parenting, but also covering a wide range of other topics. In addition, I have contributed to cookbooks, newsletters, and anthologies. These days, I have been writing less for others because I am busy working on my first book.

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